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Quick & Easy Junk Drawer Organizing Tips You Don't Want to Miss

By Amitha Verma

We’ve all got at least one, if not more of these in our homes.

And they typically can send you from feeling happy to frustrated in about 10 seconds!

The junk drawer.

I usually keep a pair of scissors in my kitchen junk drawer that I use to mainly open food packaging.

Sure enough, whenever I need them, they are often missing. I often spend a few minutes digging through the drawer every time I need to find them due to all the junk!

After wanting to dump the entire contents of the drawer out last week, I finally had enough.

I decided to get some satisfaction by creating peace with my junk drawer.

Let’s be honest, every home needs a junk drawer. I didn’t try to change myself and my entire family.

Rather, I decided to celebrate the junk drawer, and help make it the best junk drawer it could be.

So this week, I did a mini-makeover on this troublesome spot in all of our homes. You can see it here,

I figured out exactly how to organize all of the different things in my junk drawer like:

  • loose change
  • birthday candles
  • notepads, directories
  • gift cards and business cards
  • keys
  • and more…junk!

Even though I didn’t do a huge makeover, design or furniture layout, I have to confess I was so satisfied with this project!

I love the mix of containers that I used in this drawer, and I especially love the color of these pretty bamboo colored containers.

They pair beautifully with our gorgeous marble counter.

More importantly, they help me contain the mess in an orderly and easy to access way.

Just this past weekend, we celebrated my son Dayven’s 10th birthday, and it was so joyful to quickly and easily find the birthday candles!

The bigger dividers helped me keep all our directories and notepads in the same drawer.

You can find these and similar containers at the Container Store:

Bamboo Deep Drawer Dividers

This mix and match project was a great update to our home, and one we’ve enjoyed daily.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts, are you ready to tackle your junk drawer? Or is it just too messy? In any case, you can do it!

Drop us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

Hope this week’s episode continues to find you and yours in good health.

Take care.

With love,


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I love the paint, it was so easy!

Sarah G.


Just a quick note to say that I love your new paint line!! The colors are beautiful and it goes on so smooth and silky. The gray wax is fabulous. I'm getting some great new looks with your paint but most of all I'm having fun using them!! Hope all is well.


Sarah H.

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