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One of 2020’s Design Trends

By Amitha Verma

A new decade! I can’t even begin to imagine the design trends we will see this decade!

Last week my team and I spent a week talking to experts on fabric, art, jewelry, and furniture to see what are the upcoming interior design and home decor trends for 2020.

The results? We felt like we were drinking from a fire hose!

There was so much! It had us feeling inspired and a little overwhelmed.

Not because we can’t use all of these trends but we still have a few projects left from 2019.

As you are reading this, I have to ask are you ready to jump into a BIG project or are you still catching up?

I really thought everyone was ready to jump into a new project, except me, until I met up with my cousin. I was visiting her and she couldn't wait to get the latest design scoop from me. She and her daughters want to start a design project.

Only thing was, when I went to her home, she still had her Christmas decor up!

I think my cousin is like many of us. It’s a new year, we are excited and inspired but at the same time we have a little housekeeping to take care of back from 2019!

So the advice I shared with her was one of the pretty design trends you are going to see all throughout 2020 and a few easy ways she can include them in her home without jumping all into a huge project right of the bat.

Ready to hear my advice to her?

Drum roll…..

One of the biggest trends you are going to see is the inclusion of many warm medium toned colors throughout decor this year.

I’m not talking jewel tones, like reds, and fuschias, nor am I talking pale blues, grays and whites or even beige.

Those colors will still be going strong, especially the latter half, but in addition, I’m seeing and predicting the use of and mixing of newer colors including:

  • varying shades of green (you will be seeing this all year, and throughout the holiday season)
  • gorgeous ochres and yellows
  • rusty, terracotta tones
  • beautiful medium purple / lilac tones
  • deeper blues
  • a lot of black, which you may or may not love but will be seeing around a lot
  • pinks and peaches and corals

The amazing thing about these colors is they go with everyone’s home. Big promise, I know, but you’re going to start seeing these additions in new and more helpful ways. In art, vases, jars, pillow, rugs, decor and so much more.

What you are going to see over the year, and especially with the Amitha Verma Home collection and at Village Antiques is that these colors are not super bright and brilliant.

They are more of a medium tone, meaning you will love living with them for a long time to come. This is always my test on whether or not to purchase new decor.

Whether your home is centered around beige, white, cream, gray, red, blue - these colors are going to be a great long term addition to your existing decor.

I know what you’re thinking.

Okay possibly, I’m interested, but how, and where?

Here are a few ways you can add these colors into your home today and get an easy update without a huge, lengthy redo.

Design Idea 1:

Add a bench to the end of a bed, entrance or your living room. This lilac bench covers not one but two of the new trends you’ll be seeing. One I mentioned the fresher new colors and one I’ll share in a few weeks, the rise of velvet.

Check and check! Two trends into one.

Available at Village Antiques

This color is so gorgeous, it can easily blend with any color palette. It’s on-trend but will remain classic and timeless for years to come.

Available at Village Antiques

Design Idea 2

Mix in a few color jars, vases, bottles, books, and bookends to add a pop of color to the top of your entry table, buffet or kitchen counters.

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

You can always keep your floral neutrals and let the color come through your vases and jars.

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

Or you can bring these pops of color in with your florals as well.

Available at Village Antiques

Florals, books, and candles available at Village Antiques

Design Idea 3

Add wall art, vintage, and antique remnants, and mirrors to bring in these deeper tones.

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

One piece we are loving right now, are these gorgeous antique metal design elements that came off the facade of an old French building - they naturally have that darker patina and medium tones that are on-trend but as you can see they are timeless.

Available at Village Antiques

Looking for some of those coral and yellow tones, check out these pieces

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

I’m also loving these deeper hued framed mirrors, these have that pop of color while still feeling fresh and light

Available at Village Antiques

Need a bigger piece to create a statement wall? Check out these gorgeous new pieces of artwork we just received.

I love how it’s a little deeper than the soft pale, blue trends we’ve been seeing the past few years.

Design Trend 4

For those of you that are really brave, you can include pieces of furniture to hop on this trend. This may sound scary but once it’s in the context of a big room, that pop of color will be very subtle. I’ve done it my own home, and those pieces will start to become your favorite ones. Want to try this but afraid? Go small with just a small accent piece to dip your toes in first.

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

Available at Village Antiques

What are your thoughts?

Over the next few weeks, you are going to be seeing loads of new trends over at Village Antiques and with the Amitha Verma Home Collection.

But before we jump onto the next one, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Are you excited about these trends?

Are you going to include some in your own home?

Or do you prefer sticking to beige, gray, blue and, or cream?

I will let you in on a little secret, although I love a softer, more gray inspired color palette, I’m the most inspired by the pieces in my own home with these pops of soft color.

In the past, it’s been hard to find, but now I’m excited there will be more and more of these colors out there.

The combination makes both the lighter colors and the darker colors feel special in your home. I can’t wait to start adding a few of these into my own home.

Leave a comment and tell me your two cents worth!

In friendship,


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I love the paint, it was so easy!

Sarah G.


Just a quick note to say that I love your new paint line!! The colors are beautiful and it goes on so smooth and silky. The gray wax is fabulous. I'm getting some great new looks with your paint but most of all I'm having fun using them!! Hope all is well.


Sarah H.

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