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Farmhouse Christmas Decor | Unsure if You Should Decorate This Year? 6 Ways To Add Holiday Decor in Just 10 Minutes | Amitha Verma

By Amitha Verma

You don't need a full-sized tree or a lot of space to make your home feel like a winter wonderland.

I want to share six practical ways to bring the holiday cheer into your cozy space. Best of all, these farmhouse Christmas decor ideas are budget-friendly and take very little time to set up.

Let's jump right into it with my favorite farmhouse christmas decor tip.

1. Small Winter Greenery Arrangements

Winter foliage such as evergreen sprigs, berries, and pinecones add a rustic-chic vibe to any space.

Winter greens are easily accessible at your local grocery store or farmer's market this time of year, and they're so versatile and affordable. If you made a wreath this year, this little tip is the perfect way to use up any extra stems or florals.

I had leftover sprigs and pinecones from decorating my tree, and I want to create a little pop of farmhouse Christmas in my living room.

I'm starting with a rustic container — like this charming metal farmhouse Christmas tin from the shop. I'm stuffing some craft paper at the bottom, but you can also use newspaper so that the greens have something to sit in to give the arrangement more structure.

All you have to do now is fill it in with the greens and feel free to add other elements here like ribbon, ornaments, or anything that reminds you of Christmas.

2. Create Groupings In Small Spaces

Grouping is a technique used in interior design to create a balanced focal point in a space. Artworks and small decorations are perfect elements for grouping.

Here are a few rules to get you started on grouping like a pro:

  • Use an odd number of elements
  • Use varying heights and sizes
  • Have a theme or a cohesive color palette that matches the room

I'm going to create a grouping on this low coffee table with the winter foliage arrangement we've just made. 

Available at Village Antiques

I love adding candles to a grouping because it adds to the atmosphere with soft light and scent. This Christmas-scented candle in a beautiful glitzy-gold container adds a bit of glam to the rustic Christmas decor in the living room.

You can also add Christmas trinkets like this white reindeer, pre-wrapped presents, or a gingerbread house in this grouping to bring the North Pole into your home without going all out.

3. Miniature Christmas Tree

Mini Christmas trees are one of my favorite decorations for the holidays in small spaces. It adds that bit of sparkle and charm that's perfect for countertops, your dining room buffet, or a small corner.

Available at Village Antiques

Just like a traditional tree, the best way to style a mini Christmas tree is in layers.

You may have to source smaller decor to suit your tree, but here are a few other tips to keep in mind for styling your tree like a pro:

  • Stick to a color palette that matches the decor in your home
  • Create groupings of your ornaments to create balance
  • Wicker baskets, galvanized buckets, or an antique box make the perfect stands for your rustic Christmas tree

Available at Village Antiques

The best part of these mini Christmas trees is that they're super easy to set up and virtually no-fuss to take down after the holidays.

4. Display Your Ornaments In Bowls

A few years ago, I was gifted beautiful hand-painted ornaments that were so delicate, I thought they might get lost in my Christmas tree.

Instead of handing them up, I displayed these ornaments in a beautiful bowl. I arranged them on my side table, where you could see the intricate details up close. 

Available at Village Antiques

This styling tip is so simple, you'll love it.

Just pull out a few different containers, vases, bowls, or plates in varying sizes and heights to add a bit of dimension. Your decorative fruit bowls will be perfect for this design.

If you have ornaments that are glammy, you can have some fun by contrasting the texture with a rustic bowl or plate, as I did here.

Available at Village Antiques

5. A Statement Piece

If you just want one thing that says it all with requiring little to no effort, I encourage you to look for one large special item to bring Christmas home.

You can find fresh garlands and large wreaths available at many garden centers and grocery stores that are perfect for placing over your mantle fireplace, hallway, or door. 

Available at Village Antiques

If you're after a piece that you can continue to use year after year, you may want to invest in a statement piece like this gorgeous cross or a Christmas angel.

6. Use Your Beautifully Wrapped Gifts As Decor

Want to keep it understated and practical this year, but you still want your home to feel like the holidays?

Not only does shopping for your gifts early eliminate the stress of last-minute Christmas shopping, but wrapping them and displaying them makes for beautiful decor around your home.

I like wrapping my gifts with kraft paper and embellishing with some winter greenery like spruce sprigs, eucalyptus branches, and pinecones for a rustic farmhouse Christmas decor aesthetic. To add a hint of glam, I'll finish with sparkly ribbon.

To Wrap Up: Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

It's truly as simple as this.

You've transformed your home into a winter wonderland without a large Christmas tree and very few new purchases.

I'd love to know in the comments which tips you'll be trying this year.

Love all of the decor in this week's blog? Many of these pieces can be found at Village Antiques in Houston, TX. Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm, stop on by! Or feel free to give us a call at 713-468-3931 if you have any questions.

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Until the next time we meet, keep making your home amazing with your design gifts!

Seasons Greetings,


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