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Fall Décor Ideas For Your Kitchen Island Centerpiece

By Amitha Verma

Don't you just love the warm and cozy feel of the changing leaves, the crisp air, and the craving for pumpkin-flavored everything?

Bring the fall atmosphere indoors with a bit of seasonal styling.

I'm going to share my tips for styling your kitchen island with fall floral arrangements, pumpkin decor, and other unique kitchen island centerpiece ideas for thanksgiving and cozy dinners with your loved ones.

I always start my fall decorating ideas in the kitchen because it's the heart of the home and the center of my family's day-to-day living.

Let's jump into these fall decor tips.

How To Select Your Fall Decor Elements

A common mistake I see in farmhouse fall decor ideas is to take one element of fall — like a pumpkin — and trickle it all throughout the home. The front door gets a pumpkin, the living room gets a pumpkin, pumpkins everywhere!

Rather than forcing the idea that fall has arrived by bombarding your home with pumpkins, you want to start thinking about what inspires the season. For me, it's a farmhouse feel, with:

  • lots of natural elements
  • warm, inviting muted colors
  • and rustic textures.

In my home, I've gathered:

  • a wooden breadboard
  • unique glass vases
  • fall stems
  • wheat stocks
  • velvet textures
  • pumpkins (of course!)
  • and objects with gold metal tones

You can shop for these items at your favorite home decor store, or you can get creative and find things around your home or neighborhood (for natural elements) to bring your kitchen island centerpiece to life.

Ground Your Design

Whether you've opted for a fall floral arrangement, a centerpiece with candles, or a mixture of both, you may be looking at your collection of items thinking, "I have no idea where to start!"

Don't stress!

Creating a kitchen island centerpiece decor is supposed to be fun.

I always start my arrangements with an item to ground my design. This could be a:

  • silver tray
  • wooden tray
  • dough bowl
  • breadboard — anything to give me boundaries, to act as a sort of canvas for my kitchen centerpiece design.

Available at Village Antiques

Use Colors That Compliment Your Home Decor

When grouping your fall decor elements for your kitchen island, you want to create a sense of cohesiveness throughout your home.

Tip: Select items that match the colors of your style and complement your existing decor.

Sometimes orange pumpkins can feel too bright in your space — I felt this when I created my fall kitchen island centerpiece last year.

This time around, I wanted to go a little softer and monochromatic. I took some of these brightly colored pumpkins and gourds and gave them a makeover with our Amitha Verma Chalk Finish Paint.

Painted with Amitha Verma Belgian Blue Furniture Paint

I love the matte finish of chalk paint. It gives it an understated sophistication and rustic farmhouse vibe that's the perfect look for this fall decor. 

Use Elements With Varying Height To Your Fall Centerpiece

You want to make the most use of your working space, so rather than building on your decor outwards, build upwards by adding volume to your design. Variety adds interest to the eye and gives you more room to let your creative juices flow.

Vases and jars are decorative items that are versatile all year round.

Tip: I'm always on the lookout for unique vases, mugs, and even mason jars that match my regular home decor like:

  • silvery glass vases
  • ironstone
  • creamware
  • Ginger jars
  • Blue & white jars, and more. This will make my fall centerpiece ideas more cohesive with the rest of my home design. 

Available at Village Antiques

You can even use candlesticks and floral arrangements to add height to your centerpiece. 

How To Style Fall Floral Arrangements

Botanical elements bring movement and life to the space, that just helps to bring your overall design together.

Selecting your floral pieces is a matter of trial and error and playing around with what colors and textures go well together with your decorative elements.

When choosing fall botanicals, I opt for muted tones. In my first example, I use olive branches in a small vase. In option two, I swapped the olive branches for cotton poms.

Ultimately, I decided to stick with the olive branches.

Here are some other fall botanical elements ideas:

  • Gumdrop eucalyptus
  • Dried pampas grass
  • Antique-colored peach roses
  • Pierre japonica
  • Cream-colored Chapelle dahlias
  • Broom corn
  • Rust-colored sedum

Available at Village Antiques

If you're using foliage, trim them at different lengths to add various sizes and height to your centerpiece design.

As a good rule of thumb, you want your tallest floral elements to stand at about the same height as your fingertips with your elbow on the table.

Filling Spaces In Your Fall Centerpiece

Now that you have a foundation for your fall centerpiece, you might notice some gaps in your design.

This is where I like to bring in everyone's favorite fall decor — pumpkins!

Available at Village Antiques

I'm working with velvet pumpkins in various sizes because I love the warm, soft texture they bring to the design space. You can also use the chalk paint pumpkins for a more farmhouse feel.

How To Include Metal Accents To Your Kitchen Island Centerpiece Decor

I like to use gold for fall decor because it adds warmth to the overall visual design and balances textures.

So far, we have a lot of rustic, natural-looking textures.

Adding a hint of metal can add an element of glamour and sophistication to your centerpiece. You don't want the metal to take over the whole design, so think of your metal elements as taking the back seat.

Here are some key things to consider when adding metals so that you don't overwhelm your centerpiece:

  • Start with smaller elements
  • Maintain a complimentary color palette when using gold
  • If you add a pop of metal, add it twice so it repeats in your design
  • You can use gold fabrics and paints to soften the look

Available at Village Antiques

I've got this stunning little gold tray with this beautiful etched detail, and I can see this being worked into the centerpiece design with some dry cloves to start smelling like fall. I've also added this gorgeous Laurel wreath in gold to to repeat the gold color in my centerpiece.

Adding The Finishing Touches To Your DIY Fall Centerpiece

One of my favorite ways to add a finishing touch to my fall kitchen island centerpiece is by including dry aromatic spices like cloves, cinnamon sticks, and star anise.

Bringing in fall scents adds another layer to the decor that creates a comforting fall atmosphere.

Last but not least, whenever I work on a centerpiece — whether it's a kitchen island, a buffet table, or dining table — I like to add candles to illuminate the space with a warm glow.

These beautiful scented candles add another layer of coziness and warmth.

If you're not sure about your design, take a short break from your arrangement and come back to it with fresh eyes. Stepping away from your design can help you see areas that look a little awkward and could use more filling elements.

Wrapping Up: Fall Inspired Kitchen Island Centerpiece

I hope you're excited about these simple farmhouse fall decor ideas inspired by the crisp air and changing seasons' colors.

Keep an eye out for products that will emulate the cozy fall feeling and work with what you already have in your home for a cohesive design.

You can find everything I used in my home at Village Antiques in Houston, TX. If you’re local, stop on by! We’d love to help you add some fall flair into your home. Out of town? You can easily shop our Instagram page or give us a call 713-468-3931

As you get closer to the end of the year, you can simply change a few of your florals and decor to keep transitioning through the fall and holiday season.

If you want free sign tips sent straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter and stay in the loop. You can also check out our blog and Youtube channel for more inspiration.

Until the next time, keep making your home amazing with your design gifts!

With love,


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